Barbie Rivera is an artist and mother of four. Painting her way to “fame and fortune” was her dream; however, in 1991 after a teacher told her that her six-year-old was “mentally handicapped” and in need of psychotropic medication, Barbie put her paintbrushes aside and began to start a school from her home. She found teaching to be just as creative, if not more so, than fine art. Within the first week of homeschooling, Barbie had seven additional students who were the children of friends, all learning to read, write and do math. No stress. No homework. No state-required tests. The word of mouth spread, creating such a demand that Barbie established a small private school, H.E.L.P. Miami.

Over the last 30-plus years, Barbie has encountered hundreds of children who, like her son, were told they could not learn. Many had been placed on multiple mind-altering medications before their baby teeth had fallen out. Barbie found that in addition to the medications being pushed, the textbooks and lesson plans were overly complicated and deliberately confusing, thus ruining a child’s natural love of learning.

Her new book Enough Is Enough! fully documents the destructive agendas and psychological manipulation that American children are subjected to in mainstream public, private and charter schools, which aims to “keep them drugged and keep them dumb.”

Over the years, Barbie’s work has been featured in mainstream media, she has appeared on podcasts and has been invited to speak at select events across the country, advocating for homeschooling and the rights of children to get a real education.