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The article, “Mom Homeschools Son After Public School Brands Him ‘Handicapped’, Now She Runs Her Own School” details the journey of Barbara Rivera, who began homeschooling her son Damon after he was incorrectly labeled as “mentally handicapped” by his public school. Dissatisfied with the school’s rigid curriculum and its quick push for medication, Barbara decided to teach Damon at home. Overcoming initial struggles, she used creative methods and materials to help Damon and her other children learn effectively.

Her success in homeschooling led her to establish the Hollywood Education & Literacy Project (H.E.L.P. Miami) in 1996, a private school focused on individualized learning without labels or drugs. The school, inspired by the educational principles of L. Ron Hubbard, emphasizes understanding word definitions and applying learned material practically. Barbara’s efforts have been validated by positive testimonies from students and parents.

Barbara also researched historical education methods, finding that early 20th-century curricula were more effective. She aims to create a modern curriculum based on these principles to improve literacy and academic skills. Her ultimate goal is to provide comprehensive, agenda-free educational materials for K-8 students, striving to return to the high literacy rates of the past.

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